Mr. Amir Lichter

Mr. Amir Lichter

CEO, Beta-O2

Amir is a 28-year veteran of R&D development management and processes.

He has vast technical experience mainly in Medical architectures with proven strong management & leadership skills along with interpersonal and communication proficiency.

He has active experience in customer relationship as part of the company management team, including pre-sale activities and technical integrations. He pushed and took part in few Research activities together with the academy & Hospitals (Including funding and regulatory affairs). He also brings his experience in multi-site collaboration and international management.


Amir is the CEO of Beta-O2 starting at March/2019.

Amir was working for Lumenis for 6.5 years (2012-2018).

He started as the VP of Global R&D, leading a team of ~80 engineers world-wide, he also serves as a member of the Management team who drove the company back to NASDAC in 2014 and to be sold to XIO in 2015.

Later, he served as the COO (Heading the Engineering and Regulatory affairs teams – 140 employees all together).

Then, he served as the VP of Business-development, heading the M&A activities as well as collaborations between companies and Lumenis.

Amir was working for General-Electric for 9 years (2003-2012), serving as the R&D Manager, as well as few previous positions such as Program Management & Clinical/Application group management. The company develops Cardio-Vascular Ultrasound systems, competing Philips, Siemens & others.

Amir worked for Charlotte’s-Web-Networks for 4 years (1999-2003) managing the SW department. The company developed a Core-Router for the Internet, competing giants such as Cisco and Juniper.

Amir worked for Elbit Systems for 4 years (1995-1999)in few different projects (Head Display units, Digital maps for Helicopters and Battle-Tanks etc.) leading few different levels of SW groups.


Amir has 2 first degrees from the Technion:

  • Mechanical Engineering (BSc.)
  • Computer Science (BA).

Amir also graduated the Executive MBA program in Haifa University for second degree in Business-Administration.